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Inner chaos can be controlled. Come find out how I can help you.

You reconnect with yourself and your essence. Each of us has a connection to the universe, but we don't know how to access it. Reconnective healing is not a simple therapy, it is an energetic healing through which you accelerate your evolution.

Go beyond the limits imposed by your conscious, get rid of your fears, discover the way through which you can take control yourself. It's amazing what we can do if the mind is properly stimulated. You only have to want it. Are you ready to take control?

How many times have you said no to yourself? In us there is a constant struggle between responsibility and pleasure. We find out what each side really wants by discerning their inner conflicts. You overcome obstacles and get what you have wanted for a long time. 

Do you feel like something is missing or holding you back? Then it's time to find out what's going on with you. Regressive hypnosis can be from the current or past life. Come find out the answers to all the questions that bother you.

The inner child is present in absolutely all our relationships. Choosing to ignore the unfulfilled desires of your inner child, as well as its fears, can lead to conflicted relationships, dissatisfaction, chronic psychiatric pathologies. 

Power is in mind control and you can master it. Through the Silva method you will discover how to banish stress from your life and focus on the good things, how to control your bad habits and how to train your mind. 

Who am I? where do i come from Why do certain things happen to me? These were my questions too until I found out how to find the answers. And with finding the answers, I stepped on a new path, which I know how to control because I discovered myself. It is not easy, but by no means impossible.

Inner chaos can be controlled, you just have to discover the way. I am here to give you the guidance you need. 

You can change your life today. Take control.

Does everything sound so nice? Seems too good to be true? Let's discuss more during a consultation and convince yourself! You tell me what is holding you back from being the best version of you and together we start on the road to change.

How do we work together? 

Frequently asked questions about therapies

I have selected some of the most frequently asked questions related to alternative therapies.

The consultation is an opportunity to discover your expectations regarding the session with me, as well as the history of physical, mental or spiritual discomfort states you have faced up to now.

It is a free discussion carried out by phone/online or face to face, in which we will discover together what you face or what prevents you from achieving the results you want. Then we'll decide, together, which therapies are right to help you find your balance. 

The time differs from person to person, but also depending on the therapy. Some people may need longer sessions, while others may not. You will definitely benefit from all the time you need.

All therapies can be done both remotely and face-to-face. You choose what is more comfortable for you. 

The newest and most effective method for understanding healing and accessing it in this universe to trigger your evolution. 

Reconnective Healing is a process that accesses and reconnects to the infinite source of energy, love, Light and wisdom that surrounds us, reawakening it from deep within your being to allow regeneration and return to an optimal state of balance on all levels: Mental , emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Hypnotherapy it is a regression of the conscious in favor of the unconscious. Hypnosis is a deep state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It is a sleep-like state without being a proper sleep state because you are aware. It is a powerful, safe and respectful technique that explores the extraordinary potential of the mind. humanity

Party Therapy is an advanced hypnosis tool. It is very useful if the customer's perception is that they do not have enough resources to solve the problem they are facing.

Regression in a previous life represents the reactivation of the memory kept in the subconscious linked to certain events, from another human experience.

They are attachments to entities that a human being can have, whereby the entity obtains its well-being by taking Light from the human being. Attached entities block therapies (relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, parts therapy, past life and life between lives regressions).

The process of releasing these attached entities involves detecting them, then releasing them.

The process of interlife regression was discovered and developed by Michael Newton. He noticed that different clients told very similar aspects of the space between lives. The Life Between Lives Regression is designed to help clients receive answers to fundamental questions about their deep essence and mission in this life.

The journey to the life between lives involves 2 sessions:

  • Exploring the afterlife
  • Exploring the life between lives (identify what is the mission in this life, what are the contracts with certain souls, why did you choose the body you have, what are the gifts you bring with you to help you, etc.).

Inner child therapy  is a form of psychological therapy that focuses on identifying, understanding, and healing a person's emotional wounds and childhood trauma. Our inner child is a representation of us in multiple childhood moments.

Phosphenism is a set of techniques developed by Dr. Lefebure, with the aim of increasing cerebral capacities starting from a method based on physiological reactions.

The Silva method is a dynamic meditation. You learn special techniques of imagination through which you can reprogram your subconscious and negative programs to tap into their true potential and fulfill your goals. The Silva Method is exercise for the mind. It literally conditions the mind and thoughts to work for you instead of against you.

Every day you meet many people, move to a new home or invite several people to your home. It is good that after all these activities and more, you should do an energetic cleaning of the space where you spend the most intimate moments of your life. Cleaning the house of all these accumulated negative energies allows harmony to last. 


Accredited psychologist with free practice

graduate of the Faculty of Psychology

Internationally certified hypnotherapist

by the Regression Academy (U.K.) and the Association for Hypnosis and Regression Therapy

Reconnective Healing

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