Regression therapy

Do you feel like something is missing or holding you back? Then it's time to find out what's going on with you.

Regression therapy is a very powerful therapeutic method that can produce amazing results in the client's life. Through it we look for the source of a problem present in the client's life, regardless of whether it exists in the current childhood, the intrauterine period, in a previous life or is taken over on the genetic line. We focus not only on understanding, but especially on healing the wounds of the past.

Today you can change your life.

Learn everything you need to know about regression therapy and its benefits.  

Regression in a previous life represents the reactivation of the memory kept in the subconscious linked to certain events, from another human experience. Past life regression therapy uses the principle according to which the disorder without a real cause or a plausible explanation from the current life, reflects an inner conflict, an imbalance that you can carry within you at an extremely deep level.

The technique used to reach a previous life is hypnosis.

One of the holistic approaches mentions the fact that physical or emotional illness happens when on a physical, mental or spiritual level you face certain traumas that you cannot face at that moment, thus allowing the disease to set in. Following the same principle, you can attract certain situations that cause you suffering and for which you cannot find a logical explanation (lack of a life partner, poverty, addictions of all kinds, professional failure). Using regression therapy dissolves all limiting programs and blockages at any level of your existence.

About Regression Therapy

Through past life regression therapy it is possible to:

  • You find out why you face certain problems in your life and by solving their source you transform your current reality;
  • You transform your significant relationships, including your relationship with yourself;
  • You consciously and constructively recreate your future as you want it - starting from new programs, beliefs, convictions that support you;
  • You decrease and even eliminate the fear of death;
  • You understand, heal and resolve old traumas that you still carry and that influence your life from a subconscious level;
  • Eliminate pain and physical somatic sensations by discovering and solving the root cause;
  • You identify recurring dysfunctional patterns that you recreate every day and discover how to change them;
  • You heal painful memories;
  • You recognize past friends and soul mates.

In regression therapy, we are only interested in the therapeutic value of the memories, not their content, therefore it is not important to think when those images/memories were real or not. All that matters is the fact that if the subconscious chose to unhide those experiences in the regression, it is clear that it needed healing in that form.

There is only one situation in which it does not work - when you want to prove to yourself that it does not work. In everyday life, I am convinced that you have moments when your thoughts fly to the past, in a beautiful memory when you hear an old and pleasant song. Surely you have moments when you are reading a book and you don't hear when you are called by the people in the house or when you feel a smell and the thought takes you to the donuts made by your grandmother or to the yard with roses in the country. All these states are nothing but states of regression in your past.

It is not mandatory to "see". In regressions you can experience several states:

  • You can see it like in the cinema
  • You can feel as if you are in that body
  • You can know that you are in a certain body or that you are doing certain activities, without being able to see or feel anything
  • You can hear
  • You can feel/touch/smell

Through regression in previous lives, you do not relive those traumatic moments with the same intensity as at the time of their occurrence. That memory becomes emotionally dissociated. The entire regression process has many stages, one of which involves healing and removing emotional traumas, so there is no chance of carrying any pain on.

It is impossible to remain stuck in regression, just as it is impossible to remain stuck in sleep or reverie. Moreover, throughout the process my voice will guide you in a gentle and safe way. Regression is only a memory, it is not a time machine.

People over time have chosen this therapy for extremely different purposes. I will list only a small part here:

  • Mental, emotional or behavioral difficulties that do not have a logical explanation in current life;
  • There are certain patterns in relationships with parents, lovers, children or friends, which keep repeating themselves. This happens because we choose to walk the same path until we learn certain lessons or eliminate those karmic debts;
  • There is a constant and unjustified fear of death that can be translated by the presence of various inexplicable phobias such as fear of heights, water, flying, dark or narrow places, etc.;
  • The presence in the family repeatedly of some diseases or physical ailments, which are transmitted from generation to generation;
  • Exaggerated interest in a certain country or place, period in history or a certain culture;
  • There is a very strong feeling connected to a certain known or unknown person;
  • Certain dreams appear that repeat obsessively;
  • Simply out of curiosity.  

How will the collaboration go?

For tailored results, trust and connection are essential, so everything will start with a meeting to get to know each other and from there we will draw further steps to follow.

How will the collaboration go?

For tailored results, trust and connection are essential, so everything will start with a meeting to get to know each other and from there we will draw further steps to follow.

The consultation is an opportunity to discover your expectations regarding the session with me, as well as the history of physical, mental or spiritual discomfort states you have faced up to now.

It is a free discussion carried out by phone/online or face to face, in which we will discover together what you face or what prevents you from achieving the results you want. Then we'll decide, together, which therapies are right to help you find your balance. 

The time differs from person to person, but also depending on the therapy. Some people may need longer sessions, while others may not. You will definitely benefit from all the time you need.

All therapies can be done both remotely and face-to-face. You choose what is more comfortable for you. 

You can change your life today. Take control.

Does everything sound so nice? Seems too good to be true? Let's discuss more during a free consultation and convince yourself. You tell me what presses you, what holds you back, and together we start on the path of change.

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